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Ride with Wildflower Camp Foundation at the Rodman Ride For Kids. Announcing Wildflower's First Official Camp Sponsor
Meet Our Campers and Parents

Kara and Friend “I want you to know that my time at camp over the last 3 years has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life.”

Eli Travels to Colorado

Family Liaison Deborah Shapiro talks about Eli, his mom and Eli’s great adventures. Read about Eli’s hike through the Colorado mountains here.

Eli at River's Edge

Simon “When I first went to camp, I have to say that I wasn’t so sure how much I liked it. I only had one good friend and I wasn’t particularly good at any of the activities. But this was my third year at camp and I had my best summer ever. I have made lots of friends, gotten really good at fencing, and was happy living in a bunk with other boys. I was truly beginning to understand how awesome camp is because I’m making friends that I know will be my friends forever.”

Josephina’s Bright Future

Josephina and her mom Shondell have experienced so much loss, yet they exude a feeling of strength and optimism. Read their story of resilience here.


Sander Girls

Kathleen and Emma

Wildflower mom Kathleen and her daughter talk about their experiences during 7 summers with Wildflower. Read their story of hope here.


“Keep spreading joy to kids.”
Girls Running

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