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Ride with Wildflower Camp Foundation at the Rodman Ride For Kids. Announcing Wildflower's First Official Camp Sponsor

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How to Donate

Wildflower believes that donations, no matter what the amount, help us to impact the lives of bereaved children and their families. We rely on fundraising efforts, corporate giving, grants and personal donations to fulfill our mission. We value your support.

♦  Personal Donations                              
In accordance with the 501(c)(3) tax status of the Wildflower Camp Foundation, personal contributions are tax-deductible.  Please consider making your donation online today using the secure services of Network for Good (link below). Checks payable to the Wildflower Camp Foundation, Inc. may be sent to our mailing address:  P.O. Box 81116, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481.

♦  Wildflower Tributes
Contributions may be made to honor, or given in memory of, a family member or friend on any occasion. A thoughtful remembrance will be acknowledged to the recipient.  Please send with your check or online donation the recipient’s name, address, and any other information you would like us to include in a personalized Wildflower notecard.

♦  Saturday, September 23, 2017             
Wildflower is proud to be a part of the Rodman Ride because it offers donors the best return on their investment. Rodman underwrites all ride expenses and provides a 3% bonus to every organization that meets their fundraising goal. That means we pay NO OVERHEAD COSTS — 103% of every dollar we raise goes directly to support our campers and their families. For more information, call Laura at 781 861-1413 or email laura@wildflowercampfoundation.org

♦  The Friends Network                         
Learn how you can have a profound impact on the life of a bereaved child by joining a special group of donors who are committed to the mission and future of Wildflower.  Contributors may give as an individual donor, as a business, or as part of a family or friends group. For more information, click on the Friends Network logo above.

♦  Sponsor-A-Camper
Becoming the benefactor of a particular individual child or family on an ongoing basis can bring the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly affecting the life of a child. For more information contact us at 781-861-1413 or click here.

♦  Wildflower Artcards

Art Card #1     Art Card #2

Local artist Judy Greenberg designed these beautiful cards based on a series of paintings created in her studio. Artcards are packaged in a lovely gift bag and tied with ribbon. The set includes 4 cards. The package makes a wonderful gift or they can be used individually whenever you send a card. $10 for 4 cards with gift bag. 50% of the cost is donated to Wildflower and is tax deductible. To order, contact us at 781-861-1413 or info@wildflowercampfoundation.org.

♦  Matching Gifts
Increase the amount of your gift with your company’s matching program. Contact your Human Resources Department to learn more about the matching gift program that may be available to you.

♦  Corporate Giving
Wildflower relies on corporate philanthropy in order to meet goals and increase the number of scholarships offered. Grants, matching programs, partnerships, and marketing efforts allow corporations to make a difference in lives of grieving children in need. For more information contact us at 781-861-1413 or info@wildflowercampfoundation.org.